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Notes from the families at Stork’s Nest

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“I LOVE SNCA Smithfield! I have 2 children there, a 3 year old and a 6 month old. Their teaches are AMAZING!


Ms. Lori, my 3 year old’s teacher, is so kind and patient with the children. I love that she teaches the children patriotism, my son now knows all the word to “You’re a Grand Old Flag”! My son started at SNCA 6 months ago, and I’ve noticed a huge improvement in his behavior. I know this is because Ms. Lori teaches them to be good listeners through the right amount of necessary discipline and lots of positive reinforcement. She knows how to get through to the children, a real skill when you are dealing with 3 year olds!


Ms. Rose, my 6 months old’s teacher, is very patient with ME! I call her about 45674125468541 times a day, and she always takes the time to let me know how my little guy is doing. She is very nurturing and it is apparent that my baby is fond of her.


The director, Ms. Melissa, is very accommodating. I never have any issues with scheduling or getting questions answered. She keeps the center running like a well oiled machine.


I am VERY satisfied with the service we are getting.”


~Jennifer Caldwell, February 2016

“Despite being at SNCA for only 3 months, we became very fond of SNCA. The Infant room teachers, especially Ms. Nicole truly cared about Benno. We all cried on the last day! I also appreciate being able to nurse Benno on my lunch break.”


“Benno is my first child. SNCA helped make my transition back to work a smooth one. Leaving your child after being with them every hour for 3+ months to go back to work is traumatic enough. SNCA instantly made me feel my decision to choose them for Benno’s child care was the right one. We will miss you! Thank you for everything!”


~ Christina Cerenzia, June, 2015

“My name is Janice Anderson and I’m a parent of a kindergarten child at Stork’s Nest. They’ve asked me to reach out to you to give you my feedback on our experience this year. My daughter has been at Stork’s Nest for 3 years and I’m sad her time is nearing the end.”


“Last year she was in Pre-K with Ms. Tynicka as her teacher. When Ms. Tynicka was promoted to the Kindergarten teacher, it was a no brainer for me. She is one of those people that was born to guide our children. Her classroom is an environment that is founded on respect, kindness, friendship, and fun in learning. She treats all her students with such patience, understanding, and respect. She is so calm and patient and has a unique ability to lead the children to make good choices. While she has an incredible curriculum, she has a natural ability is assisting us in raising responsible human beings. She is so much more than their teacher, she is their friend and always leads by example. The children and parents trust her explicitly and I’ve found myself asking her advice on how to handle situations as they arise. For me, the emotional environment is equally as important as the learning environment. She excels at both. Both Ms. Tynicka and Paula Costa are approachable, easy to talk to, and always willing to help in any way possible.”


“The work that the kids produce is always so impressive to me. They’re 5 years old and are completing work that puts them ahead of kindergarten expectations. At this point in the year they are so close to being able to tell time (analog), most of them can fully read, they are doing first grade math skills with ease, understand the basics of money, and write in journals each day/week. Ms. Tynicka is very hands on and leads the class in a daily exercise routine and is a big advocate of parent involvement in the classroom. She’s creative with art projects, science experiments, and super fun with learning about animals. The current animal is owls and next week a live owl is coming to the School so they can see all the anatomy they’ve been reading about.”


~ Janice Anderson, June 2015

“As a mom of a child with special needs, choosing a “school” is an extremely critical decision.”


“A few months ago my son was diagnosed with autism. This diagnosis supported the need for additional interventions. Our family was faced with many difficult decisions. One of which was removing him from daycare. However, after many conversations with David’s intervention team we decided to keep him at the Stork’s Nest Child Academy in Smithfield. Our decision was due to the AMAZING amount of love and support that we have received from the entire Stork’s Nest team.”


“In particular, David’s teacher has been beyond a blessing to our family. “Miss Kayla” is very passionate and she approaches all the children with a great sense of objectivity. She is always willing to go the extra mile in order to ensure the best learning environment for her kids. This is especially critical for our son.”


“The hours a child with autism spends at school/daycare are crucial so it’s important to get the right program in place. It’s all about the relationship the child has with the entire early intervention team which includes the teachers at SNCA. We are so grateful that Stork’s Nest Child Academy supports our family’s learning goals for our son and works with all of the providers that visit and welcome them with open arms.”


“His intentions are critical, so I give many more thanks than this testimonial brings to Miss Kayla and Stork’s Nest for working with our early intervention teams so we can ensure our son has all the tools he needs to succeed.”


“I don’t know what I would do without the continued support and hard work from Kayla and the work she does with David in her classroom!”

~ Holly and Dave DelRossi, June 2015

“My two children, ages three and one have attended the Stork’s Nest Child Academy in East Greenwich since they were three months old.”


“We chose to send our children here as we needed a business that would always open, but we choose to stay here because of the love, attention, and education they both receive on a daily basis.”


“Even at such a young age, my toddler learned ”1,2,3”, primary colors, and shapes in her room. We were amazed when my older child at the age of two came home knowing the days of the week as well as the correct order of the months. We certainly never expected strides like this at such a young age.”


“As a high school teacher education is very important to me. I know what they are learning at Stork’s Nest will have a lasting effect.”


“They both love their teachers as is evident in the “I love you’s” and hugs they receive during a difficult day, or just when they say goodbye for the night.”


~ Jessica Greenberg April 2015

“Three and a half years ago the thought of putting my daughter into daycare was one of my biggest fears, but I can honestly say, thanks to the staff at the Stork’s Nest in Warwick, my biggest fear has become my family’s biggest blessing.”


“My daughter is now approaching 4 and loves going to “School” and she has thrived in this environment. The staff members are warm, creative, and engaging. She is not only receiving great care, but she is receiving a great start to her education. They have introduced her to everything from ABC’s to science and math. Every day she is excited to tell me about something new she has learned or a project that they are working on.”


“The director and assistant director are supportive and help to talk/work through behavior issues, even if the behavior is not occurring at school. If an issue does arise at school, it’s handled professionally, quickly and compassionately.”


My daughter only has one more year at the Stork’s Nest and as we start to research schools in the area, it is starting to feel as if we are not just leaving a nurturing environment, but that we are leaving part of our family. Thank you, Stork’s Nest, for helping us raise a bright, compassionate, creative little girl who I know is going to have a strong foundation as she progresses into school.


~Sarah Henson April 2015

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