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SNCA Policies



WE CARE… As a partner in the care and education of your child, we are always interested in your comments and concerns regarding your child’s needs. Please feel free to stop by your director’s office or contact the corporate office at any time.


ENROLLMENT… For your child’s safety and to comply with state regulations, all enrollment information must be completed and on file with us prior to your child’s first day. Please be sure to update this information frequently!


NON-DISCRIMINATORY POLICY… SNCA is an equal opportunity provider. Applications for enrollment are considered without regard to race, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or any other basis prohibited by law.


OPEN DOOR POLICY… Our “Open Door” policy invites parents to visit the facility unannounced at any time. We encourage parents to visit or volunteer on any occasion.


SNACKS, LUNCH, ETC.… SNCA will provide a healthy snack upon request. Please make sure your child has a complete breakfast before coming to school. If your child arrives before 7:30 a.m., you may bring your child’s breakfast in with him/her. Children will not be allowed to eat breakfast after 7:30 a.m.. Parents must provide a lunch, drink and additional snacks (in case your child does not like the snack we serve for that day). If you would like your child’s food heated, please send it in a microwave safe container only.


Please include an ice pack in your child’s lunch, as it will be stored in their cubby. A catered hot lunch service is available at an additional charge. As we strive to teach your child proper nutrition, we ask that you keep the four food groups in mind when packing your child’s lunch. We do not allow candy or soda in school.


Due to severe allergies in many children, we are a peanut-free school. Peanuts and items made with peanut oil are strictly prohibited.


Infant parents must provide all of the child’s food and bottles. Bottles must come in pre-made and can be refrigerated. We highly recommend sending your child with extra bottles and food, in case of a spill or if your child refuses the food. We do have an area to store a few extra jars of food if you would like to leave them. Per health department guidelines, bottles will be kept for one hour and then disposed. We cannot re-heat bottles.


TOYS… All of the toys and developmental equipment at SNCA must meet the highest standard of childcare safety and design. We strive to provide the most educational and fun toys because we believe that children learn through play. We do not allow children to bring toys from home to school. This is to prevent disputes between children over the toy and we are not responsible for any lost or broken personal items. Your child’s teacher may schedule a show & tell day, which is the only exception to the policy. Please explain to your child that the item must be kept in his/her cubby until the appropriate time. Age-appropriate books are always welcome to share with the class and should be given directly to the teacher upon arrival. Please be sure your child’s name is written in the book.


PICTURES… Please bring in a recent picture of your child to place in his/her cubby each school year. This will help your child recognize were his/her items belong. In the fall, a professional photographer will come to the school to take your child’s individual and class picture. At that time you may decide if you want to purchase a package.


FIELD TRIPS & SPECIAL ACTIVITIES… The schedule for summer and school vacation offers sports, crafts, and other activities that are favorites of pre-school through school-age children. In addition to the regular program, field trips, special events and guests are planned. The director will keep you informed of the events by sending home a permission slip for each activity. Field trips and special events are not covered by tuition and the cost is the responsibility of the parent.


REST TIME… After lunch, all children will participate in rest time. The children are not required to sleep. We will provide a child who does not sleep with a quiet toy or book and the child must remain on his/her cot. Please provide a small sheet and blanket for your child. The blankets must come in on your child’s first day of the week and go home on the last day to be washed. We provide a sanitized cot or crib. Please do not send in a pillow, there is not enough space to store them.


EMERGENCY DRILLS… SNCA is directly linked to the local fire station. In addition, the school participates in the required amount of fire drills mandated by the Department of Education. These drills are held monthly to prepare your child for emergency procedures and evacuation. The first few drills can be alarming to your child, however; soon your child will adjust and know exactly what to do in an emergency at school.


TRANSPORTATION… Transportation is provided to and from local schools by the bus company. Please contact the local bus company to make arrangements for your child. The director must be informed of the time of the scheduled stop and the bus number. We will arrange to have a member of our staff get your child on or off the bus. It is imperative to contact the director immediately if your child will not be getting off the bus on a given day, as we will contact you immediately if your child does not get off the bus.


DISCIPLINE… At SNCA, guidance is the only acceptable form of discipline. This includes positive reinforcement, redirection, reflection time (cool down), and personal attention. Through reflection, the child will learn self-discipline through self-awareness and the necessary skills to interact properly. As a partner in your child’s care and education, it is important for an open line of communication to exist between you the parent and the staff of SNCA. If your child is experiencing a change in the home environment that may influence his/her behavior, please inform your child’s teacher or director. Understanding that the child is experiencing changes can affect the method of discipline used. We will also keep you informed of any behavior changes. Please review the discipline policy in the enrollment package.


If a child shows aggression through biting, we will begin to document each incident. A meeting will follow with the parent to determine a plan of action. If the child continues the behavior, the parent will be called to pick up the child after each incident and may be dismissed from the facility. If the child breaks the skin of another child more than three times, the child will automatically be dismissed from the facility.


CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT… We are responsible by law to report any suspected child abuse and/or neglect. Our staff is advised to document any areas of concern and immediately report to DCYF.


TERMINATING ENROLLMENT… Each family that terminates enrollment from SNCA must give a two-week notice and will be responsible for tuition and miscellaneous fees during those following weeks. Your child’s return will be subject to the availability of the center, we are unable to hold enrollment.