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Payment Policy



Tuition is due on your child’s first day of attendance. The tuition box is located at the entrance of the school and envelopes are provided for cash payments only. An envelope is not needed for check payments. Please include your child’s full name and the week(s) you are paying for in the memo section of your check or on the front of the envelope. Tuition may be paid as far in advance as possible, but please remember to include the dates in the memo section.


We offer automatic tuition payments through Tuition Express. Payments are securely deducted bi-weekly on Fridays for the current and upcoming week. Go to or see your director for more information.


To determine tuition rates, we average our operating expenses over the calendar year, considering closings and holidays. Therefore, tuition is due regardless of absence, holiday, school closing, or snow day. Your tuition will be calculated upon enrollment and will remain consistent each week. If you need to change your child’s schedule, the director must be notified in advance and will adjust your rate accordingly. A change in rate will only occur if the schedule change is permanent or lasting more than 5 weeks. If your child is scheduled for less than full time and you wish to switch or add a day, we can accommodate you based on availability. The additional day will be charged even if the child will be absent on a scheduled day that week.


SCHEDULING POLICY… Enrollment is limited by DCYF and Department of Education. SNCA structures each schedule to provide consistency in your child’s routine. Our staff is scheduled according to the schedules of the students per classroom. Therefore, the schedule you choose for your child must be strictly followed in order to comply with state regulated ratios. The director must approve any changes in your child’s schedule in advance and your account will be charged $10.00 per extra hour. If you drop off your child early or pick up your child late without prior consent from the director, your account will be billed at the rate of $10 per 15-minute interval. If a child is left more than one hour after closing, we will attempt to reach all emergency contacts, and then the proper authorities will be contacted.




As stated above, tuition is due on the child’s first day of attendance. Tuition is collected for the last time on Friday morning.Any tuition that is not deposited by Friday morning will be considered late and will be charged a $20.00 late fee. We reserve the right to terminate enrollment if an account is more than two weeks in arrears. Frequent delinquency may also result in termination of enrollment.


SERVICE CHARGE… A service charge of $25.00 will be charged to your account for any returned checks. The returned check will be re-deposited. A record of the returned check will be kept on file and more than one returned check will result in a cash or money order payment option only.